11 Easy Idea Generation Techniques

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Idea generation involves conceiving and communicating a concept that is directed towards solving a problem. Correctly applied Idea generation techniques broaden the scope for creativity thinking and help answer to life’s bothering questions. Different idea generation techniques are peculiar to different situations; it, therefore, becomes necessary to choose which method works best to solve a particular problem.

1. Case Creation.
Case creation is an Idea generation technique that works by imagination. It engages the mental faculty to draw up cases similar to problems in which an individual is required to act as though they were real. The essence of this method is to prepare one’s mind for an easier solution seeking process.

2. “Seeing through others eyes.”
Another interesting Idea generation technique involves “Putting yourself in another person’s shoes as it enables you to see the problem differently. Asking questions such as “what would others do’? Helps you to come up with solutions to a seemingly insurmountable problem. If the person you are imagining is good at problem solving, this method becomes even more efficient.

3. Observe and Ask Questions
Observation is a simple method that generates great ideas. Watching can help the mind raise questions that can generate ideas; questions such as what, why and how can identify problems that need to be solved.

4. Meditation
Spending time in quiet thoughts for the purpose of relaxation is an effective idea generation technique as it clears the mind of everyday concerns and is useful for relieving work stress. Dedicating some time every week would help the flow of ideas.

5. Believing in your Capabilities
The way you see your abilities can affect how you find solutions to problems. Do you believe you have all it takes to generate a multi-million idea that would make a difference in this age? One that answers to needs and solves diverse problems? Failure begins in the mind, just a little view of incapability can ruin your chances of generating a great idea. It is, therefore, imminent to resolve in your mind that within you lies solutions to the problem at hand and you alone can solve it.

6. Mind Mapping
This Idea generation technique is one of the best practiced. It is achieved by putting one’s goal in the center of a board or piece of paper, and then fragmenting goal into subtopics or themes. It is advisable to create as many of such subtopics as possible. These subtopics turn out to from varying viewpoints of achieving the goal.

7. Finding Hidden relationships from the already existing.
Putting creativity to action is a great way of generating ideas. When faced with a problem, it is possible that thoughts that flood your mind do not seem to relate to each other at the initial stage. Finding hidden relationships and linking them up would help lay the answers to your success right at your feet.

8. Blind-Write
You can make use of this Idea generation technique to find answers to practically any question. It works by writing continuously about a problem for about 10 minutes, pausing and reading through all that has been written. This method helps the brain focus on finding different natural ways of expressing the problem that turn out to be solutions in themselves.

9. Two Good Heads
“Two good heads they say, are better than one.” Idea generation works better when done with other people, yielding a faster, and more productive result.

10. Discussion
Taking part in discussions is another great way to generate ideas. The different point of views of different people with distinctive mindset will allow you to gather ideas that can work for you.

11. Try Reverse Storming
The Reverse storming Idea generation technique has proved to be reliable over the years. It works in the reverse state; from the problem to the solution. It begins with knowing the problem and then identifying what may have caused the problem and then what would have been done differently to avoid the problem.

By Gloria Tochi Odurukwe

© Idea development and Creativity Hub.  2015.

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