Essentials of brainstorming for an invention

inventionBrainstorming is a creative technique required by any organisation that intends to develop new strategies and invent exceptional products and services. Every corporation should invest in creative people as they are mostly selected to be part of any brainstorming for invention team. The objective of any brainstorming for invention session should be built on market needs as consumers are in charge of making choices that translate in demand. Brainstorming leaves us with the most promising, and workable ideas from which tasks are drawn and assigned to members of the team. Below are essential for brainstorming for an invention;

1. Select people who are openminded and creative as members of your brainstorming for invention team because they know how to take advantage of situations to generate new ideas. They are energetic, flexible and fast at accepting new ideas because they believe that every idea has the potential to solve a problem. It is necessary to consider level of creativity rather than employment ranks when choosing a team for an invention brainstorming session because a creative young employee would naturally perform better at contributing new ideas than an employee

2. You can ask your brainstorming team members to write down points on solving the problem using phrases that imply their expectations. These points may seem vague but when revisited could trigger generation of a unique service or product idea.
3. Team members of the brainstorming session who have knowledge of the objectives should be asked to find particular problems relating to your line of interest and come up with innovative ways to solve these problems. An example is drawn from the Fabric manufacturing company; an identified problem could be excessive heat and rashes caused by the fabric used for baby sleepwear. Producing a piece of fabric that surpasses that of competitors and prevents these problems is an innovative idea for the company.

4. It is essential to note down every idea added by your team as it does not just make them comfortable with the brainstorming session, but also encourages them to contribute even better ideas. When left for over a period and revisited, you will find new dimensions and potentials in most invention ideas assembled by the team
5. It is now time to document your invention idea and follow up on developing and marketing your product.

© Idea development and Creativity Hub.  2015.                By Gloria Tochi Odurukwe.

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